We are Entity World s.r.o., and are the premier European manufacturer of skateboards.
Also, as producers of high quality OEM products we can supply you with the best possible
solutions in meeting your needs in the shortest amount of time.

Our company is built on our three decades experience(from the 1980-'s until today)
in skateboard and longboard as well as production and distribution.

We are here to find the best possible production solutions for you in a shortest
possible time. With our own technologies - such as: laminate production, digital
printing (without difficult printing preparation), eco heat transfer print, 3D CNC
routering and modeling, our own polyurethane system and more.
Also our satisfied riders, both PRO riders and Amateurs from all around
the world, are participating in the development of the best products for you.

We use only the best quality materials available from European suppliers, the highest
quality wood is imported from the best veneer mills in North America, and our glue for the laminates comes from USA. For our European customers “we are not over
the ocean, but over the river,”. For our non-European customers we also offer the
same high quality products, service and support as we do for our European neighbors.

We not only focus on providing the highest quality products, but we do not lose
sight of the small details in the process, which results in your overall
satisfaction with every one of our products.

Depending on your needs we can provide your complete solution – from
design and modeling, to production, and even ending with marketing plan and distribution.

Our work is very satisfying and enjoyable for us, not only because
we are skaters, but also because we are unique in our field and we love it.

We are, and in the future we want to remain, the premier European manufacturer
of skateboards! We are very much looking forward to meeting you. Team Entity World s.r.o..